This is a lady in Ruwa that Princess Connect has been supporting. We managed to raise money through fundraising and donations to buy her a wheelchair. We continue to support her and her family financially to help with medical bills and other household needs as she continues to recover. Please get in touch if you'd like to help Plaxedes and her family in any way.

Donating Clothes.

We collect and donate clothes to those in need all over the world. Here we're giving out clothes in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe from donors in the United Kingdom. We'd love to hear from you if you'd be interested in getting involved.


We are currently raising money to help buy Takudzwa a pair of prosthetic legs and help with his ongoing medical expenses. 

Princess Connect loves to give less privileged children a reason to smile. One way we do this is by throwing them parties.

Please get in touch if you'd like to get involved with any of these projects.

Getting Women Connected

This is a project that was set up in 2019 in the United Kingdom, particularly the West Midlands. This was proudly funded by the National Lottery Fund.


It was established to support women through workshops and open events to build and develop women facing social isolation and loneliness.

In Partnership With

We Need Your Help.

The number of children that depend on us for support with their school fees and living expenses is growing at such a fast rate. Every single child matters to us, but without your help we are unable to meet every need.

We've compiled a Profile of some of the children who desperately need your help to continue with their schooling. Please click on the Download button or go on the Downloads page to take a look at it.

For more information on how to sponsor an individual child, please contact us via our Contacts page or drop us an email.

You could also make a donation by clicking on the Donations button.

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Thank You For Your Help.




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